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Staff - RISO Test Grading Procedures

Procedures for Middle School Teachers:

November 18, 2008


1. Request the number of bubble sheets needed from Carol Ouwenga.

Bubble sheets will be sent the same day according to the courier schedule.

Bubble sheets available:

  • 60 question/ A-E
  • 100 question/ A-E
  • 100 question/ A-K

2. Complete the heading section of the bubble sheet. 

Please include:

Test name, Course, Period, Teacher name, School name and Grade

3.  Students should enter their IDs left to right, no zeros.

Ex:  101335


1.  Group the bubble sheets by Period.  No stapled pieces of paper, this really messes up the machine. 

2.  Enclose a KEY.

The KEY will be entered and stored prior to grading the assessments.
If you are planning on having open ended questions there are two ways of using the Riso forms.  What I would need is how many points the student earned on each of those questions.  If you do not want to grade the extended response questions before I scan them, I can change the value of the question to zero and then physically the teacher can add how many points is necessary to the score.  When we give the value of zero to a question it will say 10/12 which is true, but when the percent is figured it does not use the zero value against the students.  It is confusing, but if you need more explaining please call me or email me. 

3.  The bubble sheets will be graded by period.

4.  A Classroom Summary, Classroom Response Roster, and Item Analysis report will be printed unless otherwise requested.

5.  Bubble sheets and reports will be returned the next day according to the courier schedule.  If you need them by a certain time please let me know and I will do my best to get them to you. 


Carol Ouwenga/ FHS Writing Lab Aide
420-7088 or 425-8205

April 29, 2009