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Curriculum Overview

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Elementary Schools

The district has eight elementary buildings which house students in grades K-5 in varying enrollment bands (K-2, 3-5, K-3, 4-5, and K-5). This configuration has allowed the staff to focus on a narrower developmental range. The structure, as well as the forward thinking of staff, has also led to multi-age classrooms and looping opportunities in some buildings. Students who require gifted education services can participate in a pull-out program.

All elementary students are served by special teachers in art, music and physical education as well as a guidance counselor.

Pre-school classes are housed in the Washington Administration building.

Middle Schools

The district's two middle schools adhere to a true middle school concept. Teachers include interdisciplinary units throughout the year. Students requiring gifted education services participate together in a language arts block designed to meet their needs, as well as having access to accelerated math classes.

All middle schools provide an active extracurricular program which includes both clubs and athletics.

Comprehensive High School

Students at Findlay High School may choose from over 200 different course offerings. Among those courses are fifteen advanced placement classes and ten honors-level courses. As a comprehensive high school, FHS features an extensive vocational program through Millstream Career Center. Students from thirteen area schools also take advantage of these opportunities which prepare students for employment in this area and throughout the country. A Freshman Mentorship Program helps 9th graders make a smooth transition into Findlay High School.

Although an exhaustive listing of course offerings is available in "The FHS Course Selection Guide," it is helpful to know that there are a number of classes which are not offered in other area schools. Among those may be four years of Spanish, French and Latin; extensive science opportunities which include Integrated Science, Biology I Honors, Biology I, Principles of Technology, Global Science, Chemistry I Honors, Chemistry I, Physics, Anatomy and Environmental Science. Mathematics offerings run the gamut from Practical Algebra through Honors and AP Calculus. New Tech Prep programs allow students to explore their interest in Business Technologies, Health Technologies and Engineering.

FHS is also extremely proud of its extensive arts program. The school's orchestra is well known throughout Ohio. The vocal program features Freshman, Concert and Symphonic Choirs, as well as special performing groups, including show choirs called The Findlay First Edition and Voices in Perfection. The band program is diverse and active. In addition to marching band, two concert bands, a jazz band, a winter drum line and a steel drum band give students the opportunity to feature their special talents. The visual arts are well represented in the curriculum with offerings ranging from Art Appreciation to Painting, Jewelry, Ceramics, and Drawing. Students with interests in the performing arts can also showcase their talents in an annual musical and numerous school plays.

There is no shortage of extracurricular opportunities at FHS. The school offers 22 varsity sports including swimming, hockey, soccer, and tennis. In addition there are numerous clubs and other co-curricular activities, a dance team, national-award winning newspaper, Quiz Bowl, and a state champion "We the People" team.

January 14, 2014