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The Superintendent Search
The Findlay City School District is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Superintendent to replace retiring Superintendent Dean Wittwer who has led the district for the last eight years. The Board seeks an innovative and creative leader in education and administration. It is preferred that the new Superintendent take office by July 1, 2014.

Applicant Criteria
The Board is seeking a candidate who is an experienced administrator who embraces the challenge of leading an already excellent district to the next level while working collaboratively with the Board, community, staff and students to meet their expectations. The position of Superintendent requires an Ohio Superintendent's license and at least a master's degree.

Findlay Community Information
Located 40 miles south of Toledo in Northwest Ohio, Findlay offers the advantage of a small city with the charm and hospitality of a rural community. The population was 41,202 in the 2010 census, making Findlay the second largest city in Northwest Ohio and one of the few in the region where the population is currently growing. The city's official nickname is "Flag City, USA," and is home to the University of Findlay. The community was named a winner in the first-ever national competition to identify the 100 best communities for young people in September 2005. Findlay is the headquarters of the Cooper Tire and Marathon Petroleum Corporations. Whirlpool's Dishwasher Manufacturing Plant and Distribution Center are located in Findlay, along with distribution centers for Kohls, Best Buy, Lowes and Home Depot.

Two community foundations are very financially supportive of Findlay Schools. The Findlay Hancock County Community Foundation provides grants to classroom teachers and 60 scholarships to high school students. The Donnell Foundation provides more than $300,000 per year to maintain Donnell Football Stadium.

About Findlay City Schools
Findlay City Schools is growing culturally and economically with a diverse population encompassing approximately 37 sq. miles. Presently the district has an enrollment of 6,230 students, and is comprised of one high school; two middle schools; two K-3 buildings that feed into one 4-5 building; two K-2 buildings that feed into two 3-5 buildings, one K-5 building; a preschool located in the Administration Building; and the Findlay Digital Learning Academy. On the high school campus, Findlay also hosts the Millstream Career Center, a compact of 14 school districts offering career and technical education in lieu of a JVS. The district was rated "Effective" on its 2011-2012 state report card, with a performance index at 99.0 and met 23 of 26 indicators. The average ACT score is 23.2 compared to a state average of 21.8.

A 27-year, 4.3 mill bond issue has provided the local share (32 percent) of the USFC building project for a new Millstream Career Center ($19 million), new Donnell Middle School ($24 million) and new Glenwood Middle School ($22 million). The district has a 2.5 mill continuous permanent improvement levy, generating nearly $2 million annually for repairs and renovations. The district's general fund for FY13 was $54 million, with an effective FY12 tax rate of 31.69 mills. Expenditure per pupil for FY12 was $10,269.

District Goals

  • Academic Goal: We will continually align our curriculum with state standards and effectively utilize data and best instructional practices to help every student achieve a proficient or higher rating on all State of Ohio assessments.
  • Financial/Facilities Goal: We will develop and implement plans to ensure sufficient funding for current and future operations, programs and facilities.
  • Communications/Trust Goal: We will nurture and foster trusting relationships among all members of the school community partnership in order to improve the communication, understanding and commitment necessary to achieve the mission.
  • Goal Setting Goal: We will design a system to assist students in setting, achieving and assessing personally challenging educational goals related to their unique talents, purpose and dreams

District Beliefs & Purpose
Our beliefs form the ethical foundation of the Findlay City Schools. We believe:

  • Every person has worth.
  • Every individual can learn.
  • Family is the most important influence on the development of personal values.
  • Attitude is a choice and always affects performance.
  • Motivation and effort are necessary to achieve full potential.
  • Honesty and integrity are essential for building trust.
  • People are responsible for the choices they make.
  • Performance is directly related to expectations.
  • Educated citizens are essential for the survival of the democratic process.
  • Personal fulfillment requires the nurturing of the mind, body and spirit.
  • Every individual has a moral and ethical obligation to contribute to the wellbeing of society.
  • Education is a responsibility shared by students, family, staff and community.
  • The entire community benefits by investing its time, resources and effort in educational excellence.
  • A consistent practice of shared morals and ethics is essential for community to thrive.

Leadership Criteria
The Board is specifically seeking candidates who can demonstrate superior communication skills and have an ongoing record of improving the academic performance in their current district. Equally important, the Board will be seeking candidates who have demonstrated a strong understanding of the changing economic context of schools and who are prepared to work collaboratively with the Treasurer and community to successfully meet these challenges.

The Superintendent shall be able to demonstrate:

  • Vision, Continuous Organizational Improvement, and Focused Planning of District Work: the Superintendent shall embrace a vision, emphasize continuous improvement, and develop a focused plan for achieving district goals.
  • Communication and Collaboration: the Superintendent will ensure that processes are in place to facilitate communication and collaboration with the Board of Education and the district Treasurer, as well as establish and maintain effective relationships with school personnel, and engage the external community.
  • Superior Management Through Policies and Governance: the Superintendent will identify, prioritize, recommend and follow policies and governance procedures that maintain a focus on the central goal - ensuring the success of all student
  • Instructional Leadership: the Superintendent provides leadership for the creation of instructional systems designed for high student achievement in partnership with the faculty and parents.
  • Resource Management and Development: the Superintendent will focus financial, human, time, material, technological, community and facility resources in support of district goals for instruction and achievement.
  • Leadership: the Superintendent will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills, sound and thoughtful decision-making skills, facilitate a culture of trust and high expectations, engage in self-development, facilitate conflict management, demonstrate creativity, anticipate problems, demonstrate entrepreneurial skills, be a self-initiator, and demonstrate high ethical and professional behavior.

Update: January 6, 2014

Dear Findlay City Schools Community:

As you know, Dr. Dean Wittwer will be officially retiring as Superintendent of the Findlay City School District at the end of this school year. As a result, the Board of Education began the search process, with the assistance of the Central Ohio Educational Service Center, for Dr. Wittwer's successor last fall. The board has been very pleased with the caliber of candidates that our district has attracted, and we would like to announce to you the three finalists for the position:

  • Tod A Hug, current Superintendent of Ayersville  Local Schools since 2003, previously Elementary ,Middle and High School principal from 1998-2003 in Edgerton  Local Schools, Assistant High School Principal and Athletic Director 1992-1998 High School Physical Education and Health teacher  1988-1992 in Bryan.
  • Edward Kurt, Superintendent of Margaretta Local Schools since 2002, Assistant Principal Perkins High School 2001-2002, OWE Coordinator/Math teacher and Head Basketball Coach Sandusky 1997-2001.
  • William B. Welker (Brent) current Superintendent of Eastwood Local Schools since 2005, Principal Eastwood High School 2005-2006, Principal Gorham Fayette Junior /Senior High School 2002-2005, Social Studies Teacher Anthony Wayne High School 1998-2002, Specific Learning Disabilities teacher Liberty Benton High School 1995-1998, Specific Learning Disabilities Teacher Vanlue Local Schools 1991-1995.

Over the next three weeks, each candidate and his spouse will be invited to visit Findlay for an overview of the local community, a tour of school facilities and other cultural amenities. Then, on January 24, the candidates will have the opportunity to meet with three focus groups (Administration, School Support Groups/Staff, and Community Organizations) at Glenwood Middle School. Each of the candidates will have an opportunity to share specific information about themselves and their career as well as what they would bring to the Findlay school district, followed by a facilitated Q & A dialogue. Members of the focus groups will be asked to provide feedback to the Board in writing regarding the candidates respective responses. We anticipate taking action in early February to officially name the new Superintendent.

The board would like to thank all of you for your feedback and patience as we have worked through the process.  We take this responsibility very seriously, and realize the importance of finding the right person to lead our district well into the future.

Lastly, it is also important to note the large amount of positive feedback that we have received about our district as we have progressed through the search process.  Each candidate and other stakeholders with whom we have interacted have taken the time to express their admiration for what our administration and staff members have accomplished in Findlay.  This is a credit to each of you and we know you will continue our "Tradition of Excellence" under the leadership of the new Superintendent.


Findlay City School Board of Education members:

Shane Pochard, President
Kathy Siebenaler Wilson, Vice President
Barbara Dysinger
Barbara Lockard
Jane Robertson

January 6, 2014